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Price package

Any building is an extremely complex arrangement of structural members, mechanical systems, and finishes. In order for builders to turn an architect's idea into an actual building, a complete set of several different kinds of construction plans is necessary. Local building authorities also require appropriate documents in order to better manage the general urban plannings.
  • House design
  • Civil work
  • Electricity system
  • Safety management
  • Flooring and painting
  • House design
  • Civil work
  • Electricity system
  • Safety manament
  • Flooring and painting

Estimating the cost

Renovation Cost calculator

In order to estimate the price for your construction plan, you can utilize our cost calculator tool. To begin, select one of the above packages and get a customized quote as per your requirement. Then give your requirements to our architect and finalize the design. Last, sit back and relax to watch us build your dream home.
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