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  • 2005 Stokes Isle Apt. 896, Venaville 10010, USA

  • info@yourdomain.com

  • (+68) 120034509

  • Mon – Sat: 9:00 – 18:00

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Some F.A.Qs

We are collecting your name and email address in order to send you email updates about the project and/or construction bulletins we're carrying out. This personal information will be used only for the purpose of sending you news and information about the project and/or construction activities. All personal information collected is done in accordance with Conebrick's mandate. If you have any questions regarding any of our Energy Project, and/or how your personal information will be handled, please contact our information center.
If your question is not listed below, feel free to contact us!
How do I get information about a specific project?
You can get information about a specific project of ours by visiting our official website, calling information center or subscribing to our mailing list.
Who do I contact when I have a complaint or query?
You can contact our Support team by phone or by email. Our contact information is provided on our official website. Visit to our office is also welcome.
Where can I find out about a job opportunity?
One way is to subscribe to our newsletters for the latest news. Another way is to send your personal profiles to our recruitment department.
Can you provide a schedule of construction activities?
Yes. As part of our commitment to informing communities about construction activities, a construction schedule is available on our official website.
Will there be effects on residents from project construction?
Like any construction project, there likely will be a potential for impacts, including noise, dust, light, vibration, and traffic.
What are your construction principles?
There are five main principles that we always try to follow: safety first, impact minimization, informativeness, two-way dialogue and positive effects.
Will you close a river to start your project?
The problem of river closure for building a project is still to be determined. Our intention is always to keep the river navigable as long as feasible.

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